In the picturesque town of Noordwijk, Netherlands, resides the adventurous Kees Swaagman. Noordwijk, known for its beautiful beaches, serves as the perfect backdrop for this traveler.

Kees has a passion for exploring unique places around the world. He vividly remembers his journey to the breathtaking tiger’s nest in Bhutan, where he climbed to an elevation of 3100 meters above sea level. This experience filled him with a deep appreciation for the beauty and tranquility offered by nature.

Every weekend, Kees unwinds, tuning in to his beloved Radio Delta, savoring the melodies of Orchestra Manoeuvres in the Dark and music from that era. It’s his moment of relaxation and reflection.

One of the highlights Kees shares with others are his special reception moments. He fondly recalls the exhilarating instances of receiving Museum Radio from Austria on 1476 kHz, despite the challenges with the antenna. The sense of connection with distant places and cultures is unparalleled.

Another unforgettable reception message Kees cherishes is from Radio Centrale Milano in Alessandria, Italy – a touching moment of connection across borders.

With his trusted world receiver Tecsun 2000, Kees continues to explore new adventures. His enthusiasm and passion for radio reception are infectious. So, let’s encourage Kees to keep listening and enjoying his discoveries in sound. Thank you, Kees, for sharing these beautiful stories and moments!

2 thoughts on “Discoveries of Kees Swaagman

  1. Greetings to Kees. Really great moments and nice story. Good DX and 73 for the next unbelievable reception moments, Dieter

  2. Sehr beeindruckend. Gratulation und Grüße nach Noordwijk.
    gd dx + 73, Horst

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