What about us?

Are you a fan of radio but tired of the same old boring stations? Look no further than Radio Delta! Broadcasting out of the beautiful Elburg, The Netherlands. Our station offers listeners a variety of programs and music to suit any taste.

What sets Radio Delta apart from other stations is our commitment to our listeners. We believe that the audience is the heart of radio, which is why we make it our mission to deliver programming that resonates with our listeners, we are able to reach listeners from all around the world.

So why not tune into Radio Delta in the weekend and join our community of passionate listeners? Whether you’re looking for the latest news, thought-provoking discussions, or just great music, we have something for everyone!


At Radio Delta, we believe that radio is a powerful tool for connecting communities and fostering a sense of togetherness. That’s why we have been broadcasting on shortwave frequencies for over five decades. 

Shortwave radio has the unique ability to reach listeners in remote or hard-to-reach areas where other forms of communication may be unreliable or unavailable. As a result, we are able to serve listeners who may not have access to other forms of media, helping to bridge gaps and build a stronger sense of community. 

Beyond our commitment to serving remote audiences, we also pride ourselves on our diverse programming. Our shows cover a broad range of topics, from music to news to cultural events, and we strive to provide our listeners with engaging content that keeps them coming back for more. 

Overall, Radio Delta exists to provide a platform for community connection and engagement. We believe in the power of radio to bring people together, and we are dedicated to providing high-quality programming that reflects that belief. Whether you’re tuning in from Elburg or from the other side of the world, we hope you’ll join us on the airwaves.

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The purpose of Radio Delta is to provide listeners with live programs featuring a variety of music genres. In addition, there is the program Radio Delta Goes DX, in which letters from listeners are addressed and they have the chance to connect with Radio Delta. The Radio Delta team believes in the importance of connecting with listeners and therefore wants to offer the opportunity for listeners to always be able to interact live with the show by sending a WhatsApp message to +31 6 50 22 82 57.

Transmitter site Elburg

At Radio Delta, we pride ourselves on using some of the best equipment available in the industry to ensure our listeners receive the highest quality broadcasts. Our primary broadcasting equipment includes the SK01, SK080 and SK050 models from Rohde & Schwarz, which are both renowned for their precision, stability and reliability. We also have a Telefunken S2525, which is a robust and durable model that produces excellent sound quality and is particularly suited for use in harsh environments.

One of the latest advancements we have incorporated into our operations is the use of MOSFET transmitters with PWM modulation. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to provide unparalleled clarity in our broadcasts, ensuring that our listeners can enjoy high-quality sound no matter where they are tuning in from. Currently, our MOSFET transmitters with PWM modulation are primarily utilized for our shortwave broadcasts. These transmissions are an important part of our programming, allowing us to connect with listeners all around the world. At Radio Delta, we are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and innovation in the field of broadcasting. By utilizing the latest advancements in technology, we aim to provide the best possible experience for our listeners, no matter where they are located. Our team is committed to using only the highest quality equipment to ensure that our listeners always enjoy the best possible experience. We are constantly investing in new equipment and technologies to enhance our broadcasting capabilities and continue to provide the best possible service to our listeners.

Radio Delta uses a dipole antenna for its broadcast. A dipole antenna consists of two conductive elements that are typically fed with a balanced transmission line. This type of antenna is commonly used by radio stations because it is simple to construct, has a relatively low cost, and is effective at radiating radio waves efficiently. The dipole antenna is also directional, which means that it can be aimed at a particular area to improve the signal strength in that region. Radio Delta’s dipole antenna is carefully designed to provide optimal coverage for its listeners in Europe.

Radio Delta is now using the ORBAN 9400 audio processor to enhance the quality of their broadcast. With its advanced digital processing, the ORBAN 9400 ensures that the sound coming out of the station’s speakers is clear, dynamic and consistent. The processor also helps to reduce background noise and enhance the overall listening experience for the audience. Radio Delta’s decision to use the ORBAN 9400 demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality audio content to their listeners.