Homemade Simple Receiver 0V1

Peter (DL6CGC) received Delta Radio for the first time with his homemade Simple Receiver 0V1. “It’s an unbelievable feeling to listen Christmas-Music on shortwave like the good old time”. He sent us some nice pictures of his receiver.

Radio Delta Song

On May 2021 Silvia Swart recorded a song for us. This song is recorded in Dutch and the melody is know from Amy Macdonald with the song Mr. Rock ‘n Roll. SWLing Post contributor, Bill Hemphill, who writes: “I ran across a reference to Radio Delta International Shortwave, a Hollands station on 6020 kHz. The …

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Reception with vintage radios

Chris Cullin from North Wales is listening every Sunday to Radio Delta International on 6020 kHz. With different receivers tuning into the shortwave band. Nice to see his experience with those vintage receivers! Thanks for the good job Chris!

Radio Telstar & Friends on air

Telstar Radio & Friends will be on air with a Christmas show on 6045 kHz shortwave. They wil use the powerful Nauen Transmitter Station. Nauen Transmitter Station in Nauen, Germany, is the oldest continuously operating radio transmitting installation in the world. Germany’s first high power radio transmitter, it was founded on 1 April 1906 by …

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Top 10 DX of the Year

Reception of 10 BROADCAST stations from 10 DIFFERENT countries. Excluding: unlicensed, meteorological, DRM or other digital, military, spy, pirate, time etalon, amateur contacts and other technical receptions. It is strictly prohibited to use WEB SDR, internet radio and other remote controlled equipment. The receiver antenna has to be attached to the radio physically and directly. …

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OORPOOL, van zuidpool tot noordpool, recht tot in uw oren!

Vele jaren geleden, toen bomen nog spraken en Corona nog gewoon een pils was, vonden Frits en ik elkaar in een gemeenschappelijke muzikaliteit. Sindsdien is er een trein onderweg, weliswaar met enkele tussenstops. Deze is volgeladen met aanstekelijke mutaties van covers en een vrachtje eigen nummers. Verschillende jaren hebben ze het daglicht niet mogen zien …

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Self-build coupler Belar AM modulation monitor

The Belar AMM-2C Modulation Monitor is a precision, all solid-state AM demodulator designed to measure the modulation characteristics of Radio Delta International. With the self-built coupler, the AM modulation monitor is tuned to 6020 kHz (+/- 20 kHz). The AMM-2C utilizes a unique carrier-referencing system for the peak flasher indications. Peak flasher accuracy, as well as …

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Our nice Telefunken S2525/3 AM broadcast transmitter

We used the Telefunken S2525/3 very often on the Shortwave 48m. it’s a great transmitter with a very nice audio quality. This HF broadcast transmitter is fully solid-state up until the final power amplifier. The S2525/3 has the following specifications: 1 Kilowatt continuous output power; solid-state (except final stage YL-1510); covers 1.5 – 30 Mhz, synthesized,10 Hz resolution.