What about us?

Radio Delta International (RDI) is a free radio station founded in 1971. Nowadays we are broadcasting with a license on the shortwave. We are using transmitter(s) with 1000 Watts ERP and AM modulation. The transmitter site is in Elburg the Netherlands. RDI operates as one of the few shortwave broadcasting centers in Europe. Shortwave radio is an important platform for broadcasters to distribute program content worldwide on a large scale. 

We welcome your reception reports, reactions in our guestbook and whatsapp messages and by return you’ll receive our eQSL-card with personal notes. We will mention your report in our DX show.


Radio Delta International was unlicensed by any government for most of its early life, it was a pirate radio station with a great history that never became legal. Ever since more than 51 years have passed with ups and downs. No doubt more ups than downs. What kept and keeps us going can be best described as “The love for Free Radio”.

Telefunken S2525/3 | Great transmitter!
Shortwave Transmitters
Broadcast Studio
Antenna systems


We still bring you great ‘live’ shows on the shortwave band right across Europe and around the World. No tight formats, recorded programs or playlists! Just different music styles with requests and greetings from our listeners and DX’ers. 

Put that amazing Free Radio AM sound back into your life with fabulous ‘live’ programs. The 6020kHz signal serve West- and Central Europe, 11730 kHz (new frequency in use) gives us a more stable signal on the longer distance.

Transmitter site Elburg

Rohde & Schwarz SK080

We are using often the R&S SK080 transmitter with classic anode/screen modulation. The SK080 is built in 1959 and is 100% tube-based, gives us 800 Watts RF power and sucks 3.4 kVA (one phase!). 

Radio Delta engineers refurbished this beautiful vintage AM broadcast transmitter. 

Rohde & Schwarz SK080 Modulator 

The R&S SK080 has a nice internal modulator with 2 x EL 34 and 2 x QB3/300 tubes with a brilliant AM modulation. This R&S SK080 transmitter could modulate around 800 Watt nom. 

Many dutch pirates use the smaller R&S SK010 with external modulator, this transmitter can modulate around 130 Watt nom.