The old offshore radio station Radio Laser 558 has a fascinating history that dates back to the era of pirate radio stations on the high seas. It stood out as a pioneering voice in broadcasting music from ships beyond the British territorial waters. Radio Laser 558 had strong connections with other offshore radio stations such as Radio Caroline and Radio Veronica, sharing a common goal of revolutionizing music broadcasting to reach listeners in innovative ways.

Under the revived moniker LASER558, the station makes a triumphant return as an online radio station, reiterating its commitment to be a constant source of music just a heartbeat away. Station Director, Steve Bannister, exudes enthusiasm for the special celebration commemorating the launch of LASER558 four decades ago. The original DJ lineup has come together to create fresh content, sharing untold stories and cherished memories that will be broadcast throughout the celebratory day.

Following the grand anniversary festivities on May 24th, LASER558 will unveil a fresh schedule commencing on May 25th, with five of the original DJs reclaiming the airwaves. The rekindled station primarily targets the vast audience who fondly recall the original broadcasts and caters to enthusiasts of music spanning the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

LASER558 aims to transport listeners back to the vibrant 80s era through its new programming and curated playlist, offering a seamless blend of current hits from that time and delving into the musical archives akin to the original station’s essence. As LASER558 embarks on this new chapter, Radio Delta extends its best wishes for a successful journey ahead.

3 thoughts on “LASER 558 Revival: Nostalgia Reignited

  1. Hallo, Radio Delta und an alle Zuhörer!

    Ich habe mir die Homepage von Laser 558 angesehen. Sehr informativ, flott und peppig, sowie übersichtlich. Die Moderatoren/-innen werden kurz vorgestellt, die Musik ist Top, Merchandising und … und … und … Was ich nicht erfahren habe, ob Laser 558 auch terrestrisch sendet? Es werden auch viele Apps vorgestellt, auf denen man deren Programm online hören kann. Vielleicht habe ich es auch übersehen, ob eine Sendefrequenz angegeben wird?

    Gibt es einen Wellenbereich auf dem man die Station empfangen kann?

    Jedenfalls ist es super einen unkonventionellen Sender wie Laser 588 zurück gewonnen zu haben!

    gd dx + 73

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