Unveiling the Enigmatic DJ Hitti: A Musical Voyage of Surprise and Delight

Step into the captivating world of DJ Hitti, who graced the studios of Radio Hitmix on a memorable day, the 1st of July in 2023. Nestled in the historic setting of the old Radio Delta studio, DJ Hitti unveiled his enigmatic persona to the audience, introducing himself with a playful wink as the one and only DJ Hitti.

Originating from the vibrant surroundings of Berlin, DJ Hitti carries with him a mysterious fondness for a rather unexpected treasure – Dutch klompen. Yes, you read it right, the man who spins the wheels of sound with finesse has a soft spot for traditional Dutch clogs, adding a whimsical touch to his already intriguing character.

But here comes the twist in the musical tale – DJ Hitti’s playlist is a unique blend of Dutch pirate music, a genre that’s as unconventional as his love for klompen. Picture this: a figure from the heart of Germany immersed in the riffs and beats of Dutch seafaring melodies, weaving a musical tapestry that transcends borders and expectations.

As the summer sun bathes the airwaves, DJ Hitti’s signature program lights up the Friday nights with a melodic spectacle like no other. His show, a curated fusion of German echoes and Dutch crescendos, promises an auditory adventure that tickles the senses and sparks joy in the hearts of listeners.

So, dive into the realm of DJ Hitti, where cultures collide, music dances, and surprises await at every turn. Tune in, embrace the unexpected, and let DJ Hitti guide you on a musical voyage that’s as intriguing as it is unforgettable. DJ Hitti – where the unexpected becomes the extraordinary.

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  1. Great video of DJ Hitti Live on air. I have several videos of July 1st, 2023 of my reception here in Hamburg on 6060 kHz. 73, Dieter

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