We’re Thrilled by the Wonderful Easter-Themed Photos Sent in by Our Listeners!

Here at Radio Delta, we’ve been absolutely delighted by the creative and festive Easter spirit shown by our amazing listeners. The Easter-themed photos that have been pouring in are filled with color, joy, and the essence of the season. From beautiful Easter egg decorations to adorable bunny-themed setups, our listeners are truly embracing the Easter vibes in style

Your Very Own Radio Delta Easter Egg – Unveil Your Creativity!

In the spirit of Easter, Radio Delta has a special surprise for all our dedicated fans. Introducing the “Radio Delta Easter Egg Challenge”! We invite each and every one of you to design your very own Radio Delta-themed Easter egg. Get creative, showcase your artistic flair, and let your imagination run wild! Share your masterpieces with us, and who knows, your egg might just steal the show!

Sharing Something Extraordinary about this Beautiful Easter Weekend

As we dive into this magical Easter weekend, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty and significance of this special time. A time for renewal, hope, and togetherness, Easter brings with it a sense of joy and celebration like no other. Whether it’s a family gathering, a moment of reflection, or simply enjoying the delights of the season, let’s cherish the moments that make this Easter weekend truly remarkable.

Tune in to Radio Delta for all the latest updates, exciting contests, and the best Easter tunes to accompany your festivities! Happy Easter, dear listeners!

3 thoughts on “Week 13 Easter news

  1. Nice photos. Radio Delta seems to have the best and most loyal listeners. Many easter greetings, Dieter

    1. Vielen Dank für das Kompliment, lieber Dieter! Das Rezept dafür ist ganz einfach: man nehme einen guten Radiosender und schon hat man treue Hörer. Frohe Ostern, Horst

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