Congratulations to Radio Caroline

Radio Delta extends heartfelt congratulations to Radio Caroline! This weekend marks the 60th anniversary of the iconic offshore radio station that revolutionized broadcasting in 1964. Join the celebration from Friday, 29th to Sunday, 31st March, live from the legendary radioship Ross Revenge. Enjoy a nostalgic journey through hits from the ’60s to the early ’90s. Radio Caroline, a beacon of musical freedom, continues to thrive despite challenges, now broadcasting from English soil. The MV Ross Revenge stands tall as a proud symbol of its illustrious past. With enhanced broadcasting capabilities, Radio Caroline now reaches an even wider audience, sharing its legacy of unique music across the airwaves and beyond.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Radio Caroline”

  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch Radio Caroline! Auf die nächsten 60 Jahre mit einem tollen Radioprogramm.

  2. Yes, I have send them my congratulations to their 60th birthday. Radio Caroline is radio history.

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