This weekend, tune in to Radio Delta for some fantastic shows! We’ll be broadcasting on 12065 kHz on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons, extending into the night for long-distance listeners. On Sunday morning, catch us on 6110 kHz and 12.030 kHz, all in the shortwave band.

Welcoming New Team Members

Join us in welcoming our new team members! Erik De Vries will be hosting a live program for two hours every month. Erik is a passionate lover of LIVE radio and thrives on interaction with the audience. His show will feature a special segment, where listeners can request their favorite tracks during the broadcast. With an extensive collection of records, Erik is ready to delight you with a variety of songs. Additionally, Dieter from Hamburg is joining our team to enhance our content across various platforms. Together, we aim to make Radio Delta even more engaging with exciting news and updates. Let’s give a warm welcome to Dieter and Erik!

Listener’s Corner

We’ve had a wonderful week receiving numerous photos from listeners enjoying their coffee, tea, or water with Radio Delta in the background. Your snapshots have brought us joy, and you can find them on the news site of Radio Delta.

Special Messages Received 

1. Dieter from Hamburg: Discovered the website of the DDXLK, the Danish DX Listeners´ Club, and shared insights into their activities and monthly magazine “DX-Fokus”. 

2. Mikael: Shared his experience listening to our show on 12030 kHz, mentioning the pleasant atmosphere of the music and strong signal during a lovely lunch outdoors. We’re delighted to have you as a listener, Mikael!

Stay tuned for more engaging content and exciting updates on Radio Delta. Tune in and be part of our vibrant community!

6 thoughts on “Week 12

  1. Dear listeners of Radio Delta,
    I’ve been listening to Radio Delta on the 49 m band regularly on weekends for the last two years. And if possible also on the 25 m band. It is a great pleasure for me to inform the Radio delta team about reception in my region as well as about Web SDR abroad through videos and reports. On March 17th I was able to briefly receive Radio Delta via a Web SDR in the USA on 12030 khz with S3, which motivated me to go hunting for waves again. I am pleased that I can now support the Radio Delta team and will do my best to contribute a lot to the continued success of Radio delta. Many thanks to Aart and the Radio Delta team. And now good DX dear listeners with a greeting from my hometown in Germany, Hamburg.
    v73, Dieter

  2. The name Erik de Vries seemed somehow familiar to me. And lo and behold, I knew the name from Radio Monique.
    Welcome Erik, we look forward to your radio show.

    Best regards,


  3. Lieber Dieter!
    Meine besten Glückwünsche und einen guten Start als neues Teammitglied bei Radio Delta International.
    Ich freue mich auf interessante Beiträge und Informationen.
    55 + 73, Horst (Grefrath/Niederrhein)

  4. … selbstverständlich wünsche ich auch dem Erik einen guten Start und viel Spaß und Erfolg!!!

  5. Hello Aart, what a great idea to post all the nice coffee cups. That is real shortwavelistening. What we need more ? Good entertainment on 6110 and 12030 and a warm cup of coffee or tea ? Thanks to Horst and Alexander for the nice worrds and wishes. Radio Delta many thanks for your great job. Best regards, Dieter

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