Week 10 update

This week, Radio Delta can be tuned in on 6110 kHz and 12.030 kHz shortwave frequencies. For a detailed schedule, visit our broadcast schedule. As spring approaches, we are gearing up for some outdoor antenna adjustments for both frequencies to enhance your listening experience. The studio has also undergone some minor improvements to ensure top-notch broadcasting quality.

We are thrilled to announce that we are nearing 500 subscribers on YouTube! If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to our channel “Radio Delta International” to enjoy more engaging content.

Special Reception Shoutouts:

  1. Friedrich from Germany:”Hi, today I received Radio Delta mobile in the car. The reception on the A20 motorway in northern Germany is fantastic! Thanks to the whole team for the great program”.
  2. Gregg from the USA:”I tuned in from Massachusetts USA on 12030 kHz. Reception is clear and enjoyable. Thank you for the music and for reading my report! I tuned in a little while ago, 0821 GM/UTC (after seeing a report on the HF Underground).  Reception is fair and clear with a SINPO of 35443.  I am using a Icom R-75 receiver with an end fed wire antenna about 20 meters long. I just heard you read my report! And now you are playing Man of Action, which is one of my favorites”.
  3. Jim from Devon: Sent in beautiful videos and mentioned that 12.030 kHz is often clearer in the UK than 6110 kHz. A learning experience for all involved!

Important Note:

Radio Delta will be off-air in Week 14, Week 15, and Week 16. Stay tuned for our return after this short break. Enjoy listening and feel free to share any special contributions or feedback with us. Happy tuning!

3 thoughts on “Week 10 update”

  1. Hello to all at Radio Delta International! I live in Whitstable, Kent, U.K. near Canterbury and I discovered your station today!
    The magic of radio to me is discovery and I discovered a pearl today!
    I use only a domestic receiver and it is not a strong signal, although you have two frequencies and I only received 6110KHz so far.
    I will be optimising my receiver so I can year you better and I look forward to hearing a lot more of you!
    I very much appreciate your international outlook in the current times in which we live.
    I subscribed to your YouTube channel but it’s much more exciting to listen to your AM broadcast.
    Kind regards,

  2. Yes, Radio Delta is now a must for me on shortwave on Sundays. When I heard the first broadcasts on 6020 and 6060 Khz, I was excited about this station because you don’t just feel like an anonymous listener, but rather as part of a growing community and everyone is warmly welcome. The selection of music and the new section with Thomas on the story behind music titles makes Radio Delta almost unique. The “Aart goes DX” show is always a highlight of the program and you notice how the station is on equal terms with its listeners.
    Thank you very much for this great gift, which is given to us from Elburg on 6110 kHz and 12030 khz for a few hours at the weekend.

    Best wishes,

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