News update from Radio Delta

This week, you can tune in to Radio Delta on 6110 kHz and 12.030 kHz shortwave frequencies. Currently, there are no new developments regarding our transmitters and antennas; they are operating optimally. Implementing multiple improvements would have a significant impact, so we are evaluating this further. Our focus has been on studio automation, a development that is enhancing the broadcast quality and giving Radio Delta International its distinct sound. 

We’ve received wonderful feedback, including a special note from Paul Rudd in Scotland. He sent us a lovely handwritten letter, reminiscent of the 80s when listeners used their own radio setups to contact us. We greatly appreciate Paul Rudd’s gesture and wish him continued enjoyment of our broadcasts!

Phil Hayward shared a memory related to Robbie Williams, mentioning a photo he took years ago near Tunstall Park. He captured the spot of a missing blue plaque from the wall where Robbie Williams once lived.

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