This week we are broadcasting on 6100 kHz and 12.030 kHz shortwave. Our transmission will begin on February 25th at 6.00 UTC on 6110 kHz. For reception reports or music requests, please send a message to We’ve been busy selecting new music for our broadcasts this week, and many new tracks have been added to our collection.

On our news page you can read two stories:

  1. from Radio Monique and catch up on the latest developments through videos;
  2. you can also delve into the experiences of our dedicated listener, Lennart Wennberg from Sweden, as he shares his insights on listening to radio stations.

We’ve created exciting videos showcasing the latest updates at Radio Monique. Tune in to 1332 for a week and share your reception reports with us. Stay tuned as we plan to enhance the antenna at Radio Monique next week. Our dipole antenna, currently hanging low, will undergo improvements.

We wish you a delightful listening experience! Your Gateway to Engaging Broadcasts!

1 thought on “Week 8

  1. Thanks. for another great sunday on 6110 and 12030. The music mix was very good over the hours, special Finnish requests and 5 decades of music. What will be a sunday without the great and clear sound of music on Radio Delta ? 12030 was good hereable on my home receivers in my area today, too. Wishing a successful work on the Radio Monique project.

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