Radio Monique, the former offshore radio station alongside Radio Caroline, has successfully obtained a new license for 1332 kHz, marking a significant milestone in their broadcasting journey. Transitioning from their historical roots, Radio Monique now operates under a low power AM license in the Netherlands.

Located in Velsen, the current broadcasting site provides a strategic base for their operations. On the 17th of February, a pivotal change occurred as the antenna frequency shifted from 918 kHz to 1332 kHz, enhancing the reach and clarity of their transmissions.

A notable addition to their setup is the installation of an old container at the factory, serving as the housing for the transmitter and antenna tuner. The current dipole antenna configuration will undergo further enhancements in the summer of 2024, promising improved broadcast quality.

Listeners can once again tune in to Radio Monique on 1332 kHz, with a power output of 100 Watt PEP. Despite the ongoing work ahead, gradual progress is expected over the coming months to achieve a robust medium-wave sound.

To provide a glimpse into the broadcasting site and antenna mast, several videos have been produced, offering an insight into Radio Monique’s operational setup.

Stay tuned for more updates as Radio Monique continues its journey towards delivering a high-quality broadcasting experience on the airwaves.

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  1. Hello Aart thanks for this videos about Radio Monique. I have heard them on February 18th with a great music program. I have contact them via Facebook and sent them congratulations to their new start on 1332 kHz. Many success for the project.

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