This weekend, Radio Delta will only be available on February 4th, 2024, on 6110 kHz starting from 5.00 UTC and on 12.030 kHz at 10.00 UTC.

You can find the definitive show schedule on our website. We have spent some time finding the right balance in terms of timings, frequencies, and show segments to cater to all listeners.

On the website, you can find more updates about our shows and schedule.

We are introducing a new program segment called “The Records and its History.” This new item will be added to the “5 Decades of Music” program on Radio Delta. In this segment, we will explore the best records released this week, providing background information and playing the songs.

We have received all the necessary components to build the new antennas. We will showcase the progress on our website and create small videos to keep you updated.

In other news, Radio Monique, the famous offshore radio station from the 80s, has undergone some changes. Several members have left, allowing the station to make progress towards the future. They have obtained a new broadcasting license for 1332 kHz medium wave and have prepared the transmitter. However, they still need to make the antenna suitable for broadcasting, which will take some time due to the location and height of the mast. They hope to be back on the air within a month. We wish Radio Monique success with their new setup!

If you have any interesting stories to share, please let us know. We can use them in our radio show. To continue producing great programs on shortwave, we need your help!

Overall, it will be a Sunday to stay home and turn up the radio!

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  1. Yes, of course I will listen again on both frequencies. Sounds like it’s going to be very interesting again. I’m really looking forward to that. Congratulations that Radio Monique will soon be back on air. All the best to the team and the program.

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