Radio Reception Adventure in La Palma: A Journey with Ruud Walet

In the fast-evolving digital era, where music streaming services dominate the airwaves, there are still passionate individuals who find joy in the art of radio reception. One such individual is Ruud Walet from Apeldoorn, who embarked on an extraordinary journey during his vacation in La Palma, Spain. Armed with his trusty ATS 20 receiver, Ruud set out to explore the possibilities of radio reception in a foreign land. Let’s delve into the captivating story of his experiences on December 2nd and 3rd, 2023.

Ruud, a devoted radio enthusiast, never misses an opportunity to send reception reports, even from his vacation destinations. Arriving in La Palma, he wasted no time in setting up his ATS 20 receiver. In the town of El Paso, he ingeniously utilized a nearby lamppost as an antenna, tuning in to Radio Delta on the 6110 kHz and 12.0frequency. Despite the distance of approximately 3300km from Elburg, the reception was surprisingly clear, allowing Ruud to enjoy his favorite radio station while soaking up the Spanish sunshine.

As Ruud continued his vacation, he took his radio reception adventures to the great outdoors. During his beautiful hikes, La Palma’s stunning landscapes captivated him. With the ATS 20 in hand and a compact dipole antenna measuring 2×5 meters, Ruud ventured into the wilderness. Even amidst the daytime bustle, he managed to receive radio signals from his beloved station, Radio Delta. The melodic tunes accompanied his walks, creating a captivating ambiance that made his vacation truly memorable.

After his eventful vacation, Ruud wanted to express his gratitude for the unforgettable experiences he had while indulging in radio reception. He shared his story, thanking everyone who had been a part of this journey, including the team behind Radio Delta and the dedicated individuals who make radio reception an art form. Ruud’s heartfelt message resonated with fellow enthusiasts, inspiring them to pursue their passions and embrace the magic of shortwave radio.

Ruud Walet’s adventure in La Palma showcased the beauty of combining a vacation with his passion for radio reception. From using a lamppost as an antenna in El Paso to exploring the wild landscapes with his trusty ATS 20 and dipole antenna, Ruud’s tale serves as a reminder of the wonders that await when we step outside our comfort zones. As he continues his radio reception journey back home with his Siemens E309B tube receiver, Ruud’s story inspires others to embrace the joys of listening to shortwave radio and the captivating experiences it offers.

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  1. Really nice story. Thanks for sharing it. I know him from Facebook and send best wishes. Radio has a great community. 73, Dieter from Hamburg.

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