This weekend, Radio Delta brings you an exciting lineup of programs and developments. Tune in on January 28, 2024, for a day filled with music, stories, and unique listening experiences.

Starting at 6:00 UTC, the Finnish Request show will kick off the morning broadcast on the frequency 6.110 kHz. Join us as we showcase the finest Finnish music and take your song requests.

At 9:00 UTC, get ready for the program “Radio Delta Goes DX.” Your host Aart will be discussing all reception reports, and this week, we have some truly remarkable ones. Stay tuned as we explore these unique reception stories.

From 10:00 UTC, tune in to 12.030 kHz for the program “5 Decades of Music.” In this program, you’ll have the opportunity to discover new music along with its fascinating background. We will also delve into the latest releases of the week, giving you insights into the stories behind the songs. This new segment will be a regular addition to the “5 Decades of Music” program on Radio Delta.

This Sunday is the perfect day to stay home and turn up the radio volume. Enjoy a variety of shows, immerse yourself in captivating stories, and explore the latest music releases.

In addition to our radio programs, we have also uploaded new videos on YouTube. Visit our website to read the accompanying stories and insights behind these videos.

We are delighted to share that a new listener from South America, Alf from Lima, Peru, has contributed to Radio Delta by recording Spanish station IDs. We have transformed Alf’s recordings into catchy jingles. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Alf (Alfredo) and hope that he continues to be an avid listener. Would you like to lend your voice to Radio Delta? Send us some beautifully recorded texts at

Furthermore, our testing on the 20-meter band has continued this past week. We are working towards broadcasting on this band in the future. With the help of dedicated listeners like Patrick Travers from Sheffield, we are evaluating the best frequency to ensure regular transmissions. We sincerely thank Patrick for his assistance and monitoring of the different frequencies.

On our website, you can also read a fascinating Radio Story from Rudd Wallet, a listener from the Netherlands. While on vacation in La Palma, Ruud had a short expedition and managed to receive Radio Delta. Discover his captivating tale on our website,

Join us this weekend and embark on a memorable journey with Radio Delta. Stay tuned for more captivating programs, music discoveries, and engaging stories.

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