Week 52 Christmas 2023

This is the radio news report for December 25th and 26th, 2023. We have some exciting updates for our listeners during these festive days.

Firstly, please note that there will be no DX show on these days. Instead, we have a special program called ‘5 Decades of Music’ lined up for you. Get ready to enjoy some nostalgic tunes from the past five decades.

Additionally, we have a Christmas surprise program in store for you. We will be featuring a guest DJ who will spin some merry tracks to keep the holiday spirit alive.

For those tuning in today, you can enjoy a day filled with music on the frequencies 6.110 kHz and 12.030 kHz. The 6.110 kHz frequency will continue to play in the evening as well.

During these two Christmas days, we will be playing a selection of songs every hour to honor our loyal listeners from the past year. We want to celebrate and share some memorable moments together.

As an added bonus, if you send us a music request and a reception report during these two days, you stand a chance to win an exciting surprise package from Elburg. In this package, we will delight you with various goodies from the charming fishing village of Elburg and Radio Delta.

Lastly, we encourage you to visit our guestbook and leave a message. We would love to hear from you and know your thoughts about our radio station.

4 thoughts on “Week 52 Christmas 2023”

  1. Many thanks for this great information and surprises. I am listening since starting on 6110 kHz over the christmas day with several receivers. Radio Delta makes with music from five decades an unforgetable christmas time. I never or unregular listen on working days to local radios here but on weekends Radio Delta is on when they are transmitting.. Radio Delta rocks the airwaves.

  2. Dear RDI Team,
    I just sent a reception report and was featured in the guestbook.
    I will also leave seasonal greetings “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year” in this mailbox.
    My music requests include Jackson 5’s “I saw mammy kissing Santa Claus” for Christmas songs, and generally Belinda Carlyle’s “Heaven is a place on earth.”
    I continue to listen to Radio Delta’s Christmas music program.
    Tooru, Japan

    • Hi Tooru,

      Thanks for regular listening, we will be back in 2024.

      I wish you and your family a good and healthy 2024!



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