This is the radio news bulletin for December 23rd and 24th, 2023. There have been no technical adjustments made to the transmitters or antennas, and we feel that we are currently able to reach all of Europe with occasional signal strength reaching far beyond Europe. Just last week, we received a message from Chris Mackerell in New Zealand.

Once the weather improves, we will make adjustments to the antennas for 12.030 kHz. You can find updates on our website, and we will also create a blog about the progress.

Over the past few weeks, we have been busy preparing for our Christmas broadcasts on the 25th and 26th of December.

These broadcasts will be filled with delightful surprises for our listeners, including beautiful music and our regular program segments. We hope that our listeners will also share their stories in the future to encourage more interaction.

Last week, the weather in the Netherlands was very poor, with a severe storm bringing strong winds and heavy rain. Fortunately, our antennas did not sustain any damage.

On December 24th, you can also tune in to Radio Telstar (see photo) on 6045 kHz from Nauen, Germany. The Radio Telstar broadcast will begin at 12:00 UTC and continue until 14:00 UTC.

3 thoughts on “Week 51 2023

  1. Good news. I’m excited and looking forward to the shows at Christmas. I’m glad that everything remained undamaged after the storm. We also had very windy experiences here in Germany, including the risk of storm surges in Hamburg. I would like to thank the entire Radio Delta team and hope that the range continues to increase to 12030 kHz. Best regards, Dieter

    1. Hi Dieter,

      On television wa saw also all many rain in Hamburg….

      Stay safe mate.


      1. Hello Aart,
        yes we had many storm and rain here and the water of the Elbe grows over the fish market in St.Pauli.

        I am safe here .

        73, Dieter

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