In the charming town of Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, resides a passionate radio enthusiast named Phil Hayward. From a young age, Phil’s curiosity and love for radio guided him into a world of endless possibilities and diverse stations. In this blog, we will delve into Phil’s journey, reliving the nostalgia of offshore pirates, discovering new radio stations, and witnessing the ever-changing landscape of the radio bands.

Phil’s radio journey began at the age of 14 when he first tuned into the medium wave. However, it was a fortunate encounter with a friend from school that truly awakened his passion. This friend’s father, who had served in the RAF, had a dormant radio set in his garage. When the set was brought back to life, it opened Pandora’s box, revealing a whole new world of radio for Phil and his friend.

In those early days, Phil would spend countless nights listening to offshore pirate stations and local ones on the weekends. The radio bands were a tapestry of diversity, with stations from various locations that Phil had to look up in an Atlas. Each listening session provided an opportunity to collect QSL cards, a tangible memento of his fascinating encounters.

Over time, Phil witnessed the dramatic transformation of the radio landscape. Despite these changes, he found solace in the Mighty KBC, a station that transported him back to the era of Radio North Sea and Veronica. For those who remember Radio Nederland and the DX Juke Box hosted by Jim Vastenhaud, Phil recommends tuning into The Giant Juke Box presented by Eric Van Willegan. The show features a delightful DX radio segment by Peter John, reviving fond memories of those earlier programs.

In recent months, Phil has found himself tuning in to Radio Delta every weekend. The reception on the 12.030 kHz frequency has proven to be remarkably good, surpassing even the 6.110 kHz band. The immersive experience of Radio Delta has become an integral part of Phil’s weekend routine, offering a much-needed escape into the world of radio waves.

As the festive season approaches, Phil sends warm wishes to all creatures great and small, hoping they have a joyous Christmas.

Phil Hayward’s journey through the realm of radio has been one of fascination, discovery, and nostalgia. From the early days of medium wave listening to the ever-evolving radio bands of today, Phil’s passion for radio remains steadfast. As he continues to explore new stations and frequencies, his love for this timeless medium remains as strong as ever.

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  1. That is a really nice story. Radio l,istening is not only a hobby it is a passion. I wish Phil many many more good hours in listening to radio stations., like the great station in Elburg.

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