Radio Poem: Harri from Oulu

Harri from Oulu, in North Finland. Tunes in every weekend, with pleasure so grand. A loyal fan of our program, ‘Finnish Request’. Sending us beautiful songs, our hearts are impressed.

We spin his records on our Finnish hour, on 12.030 kHz, with music in power. Weekends filled with WhatsApp chats, so we building a special bond, year after year.

Harri’s passion for cooking, Mexican cuisine, his favorite flavors, a culinary dream. As he listens on Kiwi SDR receivers, or his own world radio, with loop antennas as believers.

We’re grateful for the friendship, so strong, for all those years, where our connection thronged. Even while x-country skiing, Harri’s delight, Radio Delta plays on, keeping his spirits bright.

Harri, we wish you years of joy and delight, with Radio Delta, our virtual team member, so right. Thank you for your loyalty, the friendship we’ve found, together, we make radio waves resound.

So, let the shortwave carry our words afar, to Harri in Oulu, where radio stars are. Tuning in, with love and cheer, Radio Delta, forever, we hold you dear.