Week 50 2023

This is the radio news bulletin for December 16th and 17th, 2023. We are getting closer to our Christmas show on December 25th and 26th. In this show, we will look back on the past year with our listeners at the center.

This weekend is dedicated to our Finnish listeners, who are very active and tune in every weekend. We now have a WhatsApp group of 36 listeners from Finland. You will hear a story from Risto from Finland, who used to have his own radio station called Radio Meteor. We will also share a beautiful poem from Harri from Oulu. He listens every weekend and is a big fan of the radio show “Finnish Request.” The poem reflects on the special friendships that arise through shortwave radio.

We are working hard on developing our new antennas for the 12.030 kHz frequency. We hope this will further improve reception in Europe and especially over slightly longer distances.

The Christmas tree is already up in the studio, and we have bought some lovely gifts for our team members: Emily, Dan, and Thomas. It takes a lot of time to create new content every week to share with you. They manage to make something beautiful each week.

If you have a great story yourself, here’s what you can do: write a short story and send us some photos or videos. We’ll turn it into a wonderful tale for our segment called “Radio Stories.”

Last week, we also received some wonderful audio messages from listeners. You can listen to them on Sunday morning at 8:00 UTC on the 6.110 kHz frequency. We would like to thank the following listeners: Dieter Grund from Hamburg, Ignacio Sotomayor from Spain, and Declan Mayock from Ireland. Will you also contribute something special to Radio Delta?

2 thoughts on “Week 50 2023”

  1. As a regular listener, I am even more pleased with how committed Radio Delta is growing. Every weekend it is now compulsory to listen to this great station, which offers new formats such as the listeners’ radio stories and the very varied and special music selection Pure Dutch and Finnish requests and the new Music from Five decades.
    Duty here means more than appreciation, which the entire Radio Delta team more than deserves. Good job. Good luck with installing the new antenna.
    I’m excited to see what Radio Delta continues to surprise and gift us listeners with.

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