In this post, we delve into the fascinating world of radio through the experiences of Risto, a passionate radio enthusiast from Raisio, southwestern Finland. From his childhood memories to his own broadcasting endeavors, Risto’s journey showcases the allure and power of this timeless medium.

Risto’s love for radio began during his childhood in the 1950s. He vividly remembers listening to the longwave station from Lahti and cherishes the memories of his father attempting to catch broadcasts from the Melbourne Olympics on shortwave. These early encounters sparked Risto’s interest in the world of radio.

As the 60s rolled in, Risto’s fascination with radio expanded to the realm of pop music. Radio Luxembourg quickly became his favorite station, delivering the latest hits and fueling his passion for music. Additionally, he found joy in tuning in to Radio Sweden’s Saturday Show program, further immersing himself in the wonders of radio.

Risto’s interest in radio took an adventurous turn when he discovered the realm of sea pirates. Stations like Radio North Sea and Radio Caroline captured his imagination, and he regularly tuned in to their captivating broadcasts. These offshore stations offered a unique and rebellious charm to the world of radio.

With the dawn of the 70s, Risto’s curiosity expanded to landbased pirates. He started exploring these renegade broadcasters and eventually became determined to try broadcasting himself. Constructing transmitters with power ranging from 8 to 100 Watts, Risto launched his own station, Radio Meteor, alongside its sister station Scanwood, in 1980. This venture proved to be a creative outlet for his passion for radio.

Despite the end of his pirate broadcasting days due to a raid in 1995, Risto’s enthusiasm for radio has not waned. He continues to enjoy listening to landbased pirates, as well as exploring other radio stations. One of his current joys is the increasingly good reception of Radio Delta on his receivers. Not only that, but Risto has remote listening sites in Raisio, Paimio, and Korpilahti, and his Kiwi receivers are frequently online. To keep up with his radio adventures, you can visit Risto’s pirate log page at

Risto’s story is a testament to the enduring allure and impact of radio. From his childhood fascination to his own broadcasting endeavors, his passion for this medium has shaped his journey. The world of radio, with its diverse programming and ability to connect people across distances, continues to captivate both Risto and countless others worldwide. So, let us join Risto in extending warm greetings to all Radio Delta listeners from Finland and celebrate the magic of radio together.

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