Radio Poem: Gunter the Radio Hitmix from Germany

There’s a man named Gunter. With his own free radio station, called Radio Hitmix. He’s known as the audio controlle dienst, mixing tricks.

Gunter loves to tune into Radio Delta, you see. And jokes about the baby monitor’s battery. On July 1st, 2023, he went live in Radio Delta’s studio. A beautiful video was made, a memory to glow.

A fan of Cora’s single, “Amsterdam,” he truly adores. Every week, we have Whatsapp chats galore. Gunter enjoys a beer, listening to friends like Radio Akenzo. And he’s great friends with Tina and Jurgen from Radio 60, you know.

But above all, Gunter’s heart belongs to Radio Delta. He never misses a week, it’s a tradition he’ll never let go. And as he listens to the sounds, his love for Netherlands grows. Especially for the clogs, as he adores them from his toes.

So, dear listeners, join Gunter on his journey through the air. At Radio Hitmix, filled with joy and flair. Tune in, have fun, and let the music play. Because Gunter, the audio controlle dienst, will lead the way.

Thank you for tuning in, don’t forget to stay connected. Visit, where memories are collected and remember, Gunter’s passion for radio will forever last. As he dances in his Dutch clogs, embracing the Netherlands’ past.

Photo’s: They are sent by Gunter, you can hear radio Hitmix sometimes on the airwaves.

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  1. Nice story. He is a very relaxed and humorous guy, but also a bit crazy (not that seriously) when he hosts his shows. I once contacted him via Facebook. Radio brings people together and Gunter fits in well with his passion for making radio. I wish him continued joy in front of the microphone and behind the loudspeaker.

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