Week 49 2023

This is the radio news bulletin for December 9th and 10th, 2023.

This weekend, there will be a fantastic event in Elburg called “Winter in the Vesting.” This is a charming winter event in the fortified town of Elburg, reminiscent of the year 1900. Our beautiful old city serves as a stunning backdrop, and as you walk through the streets and alleyways, there is something to see or experience everywhere. The event is organized by the residents, many of whom dress up in the style of 1900. Some wear exquisite Victorian dresses, while others dress as poor beggars. There is plenty of entertainment, including music, dance, and theater. Food and drinks are also available, and you can warm yourself by one of the many fire pits with mulled wine, hot chocolate, or other delicious treats. You can find some beautiful photos of this event on our website, radiodelta.am.

The frequency 12.030 kHz has proven to be very effective in terms of reach and reception reports. It is likely to become the base frequency for Radio Delta. The coverage is wider, and we have more listeners during the day than on 6.110 kHz. We are currently building a new antenna for 12.030 kHz, which we hope to test within 8 weeks to further improve reception in Europe. Once the antenna is ready, we will also increase the output power of this transmitter.

Our Radio Delta Jingle package has been expanded with 40 new jingles. Our radio format “5 decades of Music” is at the core, but each program component now has its own jingle package. Additionally, there will always be a connection between the shortwave listener and our Radio Delta Community.

On our website, you will find more and more information about our broadcasts and listeners. We will also start posting a “Radio Poem” and a “Radio Story” weekly. In the coming period, we will further update the website to make it more interactive with our listeners.

Lastly, some less pleasant news about “Radio Monique Internationaal.” In recent years, this LPAM station legally broadcasted on the middlwave frequency 918 kHz. You could occasionally hear Radio Monique Internationaal on our shortwave frequencies as well. This former offshore station had made memorable broadcasts from the Ross Revenge during the 80s, alongside the well-known sound of “Radio Caroline.” In recent years, a transmission location in Velsen with a 50-meter-high mast and an inverted V antenna was used. The transmission power was 25 watts carrier. 

Unfortunately, the owner of Radio Monique and the team at “Radio Delta” had to make the decision to permanently shut down the transmitter on 918 kHz on Thursday afternoon. Furthermore, all digital programs on radiomonique.am will go off the air from December 11th, 2023. However, there will still be a non-stop program available. The reason for this decision can be summed up briefly: an internal coup took place, where some individuals showed their worst sides. They turned out to be not “Friends of the Radio,” but as we say in the Netherlands, “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.” The future of “Radio Monique Internationaal” is now uncertain, but as has happened before, the station may come back even stronger than ever. Of course, this can only happen once the “Wolves” have been removed.

Photo’s: Broadcasting location Radio Monique International 918 kHz from Velsen in the Netherlands. Als some views from the place we made the photo’s.

2 thoughts on “Week 49 2023”

  1. Die neuen Jingles und das Format von RAdio Delta machen “Lust auf mehr”. 12030 kHz ist ja eine Univeralfrequenz mit großer Rechweite. Schön, wie sich Radio Delta auf seine Hörer einstellt. Das vorläufige Aus von Radio Monique International ist schade, aber verständlich auch notwendig. Die freundschaftliche Unterstützung von Radio Moque durch RAdio Delta zeigt, wie wichtig eine Begeisterung für das Medium Radio ist, um etwas zu bewegen und umzusetzen.

  2. The new jingles and the format of Radio Delta make you “want more”. 12030 kHz is a universal frequency with a large range. It’s nice how Radio Delta adapts to its listeners. The temporary end of Radio Monique International is a shame, but understandably necessary. Radio Delta’s friendly support of Radio Monique shows how important it is to be enthusiastic about the medium of radio in order to make a difference and implement it.

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