In the town of Lahti, Kari resides, we connect every week through WhatsApp, side by side. Kari shares tales of the Lahti longwave transmitter, a historical site, now a museum, it once transmitted with splendor.

Towers high, reaching for the sky, broadcasting on 252 kHz, never shy. From 1927 till ’93, it served with pride, now a place where memories reside.

Our dear friend Kari, a loyal listener, tunes in every week to Radio Delta, a true winner. With various SDRs in Finland and sometimes in Sweden, he explores the airwaves, his passion unhidden.

A key player in Finnish Request, he takes part, sharing music that touches our hearts. Kari’s enthusiasm shines bright, his passion for radio, a guiding light.

And so, we send special greetings today the 3rd of December 2023, to our good radio friend Kari, we say, from Elburg to Lahti, our connection strong. In the world of radio, notes of friendship belong.

Picture taken by Teuvo Kanerva, Teuvo, 1980 Museovirasto
Museovirasto Museum Agency


2 thoughts on “Radio Poem: Kari from Lahti in Finland

  1. Hello,
    I know name Kari from many Radio Delta transmissions. It is wonderful that the passion for radio made friends all over the world. Special greetings to Karii in
    beautiful Finland and let us keeping the shortwave alive with the Radio Delta team as a great community.

  2. Schönen Dank Dieter! Those Lahti landmarks, the 150 m high longwave station masts were ready in 1928, and were made in Germany and served in that role until 1993. Today, the radio station operates as a museum under the name Mastola. The masts are still mainly used for FM antennas and links for mobile phones. We dx listeners from Lahti hold meetings at the sc. old radio station on Radio hill – in the facilities of our good friends radio amateurs. We have reintroduced the name of the listeners’ association founded in 1924, Lahden Radioharrastajat = Lahti Radio hobbyists, which at one time had more than 800 members. They had also the 1st radio station in Lahti before the Lahti LW station. Next year will be the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the association, and therefore we hope that the radio museum will take this into account in its future exhibition. A lesser-known fact is that a shortwave station also operated on Lahti radio hill since the winter war in 1938 for approx. 10 years, until it was moved to Pori. The most important task of that radio station had been SW transmissions to the United States and Europe. On January 1, 1939, in the SW radio station’s inauguration ceremony a live broadcast was transmitted to the USA; the Radio Orchestra played Jean Sibelius’s Andante Festivo, conducted by the composer himself! It is such a rare case that the recording can still be found on YouTube. Later. The termination of Pori’s SW center is one sad link in a long chain of SW radio stations going down. According to Kai Ludwig’s information, its 100 kW transmitter would now have been quietly moved to France to the Issodun radio station. One of its first programs may have been VORW Int.’s Dec. 11 program on 11920 kHz that I reported. John responded quickly with the QSL but did not confirm my question regarding the transmitter. Still interesting things happen all the time in the radio world, not the least of which has been the bigger Radio Delta, with which we Finns have a rare close cooperation, to the joy and spiritual richness of both parties. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Dieter, and to the magnificent Radio Delta team! Let’s listen to Radio Delta whenever possible!
    Br -Mfg Kari

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