In the Netherlands, there are still many active radio stations on the medium wave, each with their unique names. In our studio, we often tune in to these radio stations, using the ICOM 7610 and a dipole antenna for shortwave reception. However, when we want to venture outside into nature to listen, we take along the ICOM 705 and a 20-meter wire antenna. And our trusty companion, an old German Shepherd, joins us with great enthusiasm to explore the outdoors and enjoy the radio broadcasts along with us.

Recently, we have captured recordings of various radio stations, each with its distinctive flavor and programming. One such station, Radio Noorderzon, takes us back in time with their unique selection of traditional Dutch folk music. We find it fascinating how they manage to transport us to a bygone era with their carefully curated playlist. Another station that captures our attention is Radio KJ. They specialize in playing hits from the 70s and 80s, creating in the early morning a nostalgic atmosphere that resonates with listeners of all ages. It’s thrilling to hear iconic songs from legendary artists as if they were being played live just for us.

When we venture outdoors with our ICOM 705 and 20-meter wire antenna, we become immersed in the beauty of nature while listening to these radio stations. Whether we’re sitting by a calm lake or hiking through a dense forest, the soothing melodies and informative discussions from the radio transport us to different worlds, enhancing our connection with the environment.

The world of medium wave radio in the Netherlands is a treasure trove of unique stations with captivating names and programming. Whether in the comfort of our studio or out in the embrace of nature, we thoroughly enjoy the experience of tuning in and exploring the diverse offerings of these radio stations. It’s a hobby that not only entertains us but also connects us with the rich heritage and cultural tapestry of this wonderful country.

We encourage you to embark on your own journey of radio exploration. Take your radio equipment, find a peaceful spot in nature, and let the waves of music and voices carry you away. You never know what hidden gems you might discover on the medium wave frequencies. Happy listening!

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  1. That’s nice work,receiving on places without any annoying digital qrm.

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