In the world of radio enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of receiving distant stations on the shortwave frequency. On August 19, 2023, Jim, a passionate DXer from Devon, England, had a memorable experience receiving Radio Delta on the frequency 6060 kHz. Let’s dive into his fascinating journey and the beautiful setting in which it took place.

As Jim embarked on his DXing adventure, he found himself near the iconic landmark known as Roseberry Topping. This distinctive hill, with its unmistakable conical shape, provided the perfect backdrop for Jim’s radio reception endeavor. The picturesque scenery enhanced the joy of his listening experience, adding a touch of natural beauty to the thrill of capturing distant radio signals.

Equipped with a Tecsun PL880 receiver, renowned for its excellent performance, Jim was able to fine-tune his radio reception. The telescope antenna he used further optimized his ability to capture weak signals, allowing him to uncover hidden gems on the shortwave band. Driven by his passion for radio listening, Jim ventured into the rural outskirts to enhance his reception capabilities. This bold move paid off as he discovered the incredible reach of Radio Delta, despite being miles away from the broadcasting source. His determination and love for the hobby truly paid off.

To give a visual glimpse into this memorable experience, we’ve included videos showcasing Jim’s DXing journey. Watch as he fine-tunes his equipment, captures Radio Delta’s signal, and revels in the joy of discovering new musical treasures on the airwaves. These videos provide a glimpse into the world of DXing and the excitement it brings to enthusiasts like Jim.

Jim’s passion for radio extends beyond his DXing adventures. As a dedicated listener, he tunes in to Radio Delta every Saturday on the shortwave frequency. With a penchant for beautiful English pop music, Jim finds solace and joy in the diverse range of songs broadcasted by Radio Delta. His unwavering support is a testament to the station’s ability to captivate and connect with its audience.

The story of Jim from Devon, England, and his reception of Radio Delta on 6060 kHz showcases the enduring allure of radio listening. His dedication, coupled with the breathtaking setting near Roseberry Topping, highlights the magic of shortwave DXing. As we continue to explore the vast world of radio, let us celebrate the thrill of capturing distant stations and the joy they bring into our lives.

8 thoughts on “Jim from Devon, England, Enjoys Radio Delta on Shortwave

  1. Very nice ? Radio Delta is a very special station that interacts with its listeners and plays great music. I always enjoy tuning in and chatting to Aart on WhatsApp. Keep the shortwave alive and listen to Radio Delta on 49m. Best regards, Jim

    1. Un lugar excelente para la escucha de radio.
      Felicitaciones Jim por la captacion y a Radio Delta por el esfuerzo y la dedicación por cubrir grandes distancias.

    1. Ja, absolut. Es fehlt nur noch das Zelt und der Grill. Schönes Video!!

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