Unexpected Reception of Radio Delta in Uruguay: Shortwave Spans Great Distances

On the eventful day of August 5th, 2023, radio enthusiast Gabriel Gomez (callsign CX7BI-CX0001) from Uruguay experienced a surprising moment in the world of shortwave radio. Despite the physical distance and the inherent challenges of long-distance transmission, he successfully received Radio Delta’s signal on 6060 kHz. This unexpected message serves as a testament to the remarkable capabilities of shortwave radio, even when using a mobile receiver and a loop antenna. Shortwave radio has long been known for its ability to traverse vast distances, allowing listeners to tune in to stations from across the globe. However, even with this knowledge, the reception of Radio Delta in Uruguay stands out as a remarkable feat.

Gabriel Gomez, an avid radio enthusiast, had set up a mobile receiver along with a loop antenna to explore the possibilities of shortwave radio reception. Little did he know that he would stumble upon a signal that would surprise him and fellow enthusiasts alike. It was on August 5th, 2023, that Radio Delta’s transmission on 6060 kHz reached Gabriel’s mobile setup in Uruguay. Radio Delta, based in an entirely different continent, managed to bridge the vast physical gap that separates Uruguay and the Netherlands.

The unexpected reception not only thrilled Gabriel but also sparked excitement within the global radio community. This achievement serves as a reminder of the power of shortwave radio in enabling communication over long distances, even under less-than-ideal circumstances.

Perhaps what makes this reception even more impressive is the equipment Gabriel used. With a mobile receiver and a loop antenna (photo below), he proved that great reception is indeed possible without the need for elaborate setups or high-tech equipment. This realization opens up further possibilities for radio enthusiasts worldwide, encouraging them to explore the world of shortwave radio with minimal resources.

The reception of Radio Delta’s signal on 6060 kHz by Gabriel Gomez, using a mobile receiver and loop antenna, showcases the remarkable potential of shortwave radio. This unexpected occurrence serves as a reminder of the vast distances that shortwave signals can traverse, bringing people together across continents. It also highlights the accessible nature of shortwave radio, as enthusiasts can achieve significant results with modest equipment. As we continue to explore the world of radio, let Gabriel’s experience inspire us to venture into the realm of shortwave and discover the wonders it holds.

13 thoughts on “Unexpected Reception of Radio Delta in Uruguay: Shortwave Spans Great Distances”

  1. Das ist eine super Leistung. Wenn ich die Entfernung zwischen den Niederlanden und Uruguay messe, komme ich auf ca. 11.000 Kilometer. Das mit einem recht kleinem Equipment zu erreichen, womit der SWL arbeitete, verdient meinen Respekt an Euch, liebes Radio Delta Team, und dem SWL aus Uruguay. Solche Sende- und Empfangsergebnisse machen den Reiz der Kurzwelle aus. Großartig!

    1. Gabriel Gómez

      Muchas gracias por sus palabras estimado colega.
      La radio sigue deparandonos siempre esas sorpresas que nos mantienen en constante búsqueda, con mejor o peor suerte.
      Saludos desde Montevideo Uruguay 🇺🇾

  2. Great,Aart

    A very great distance for R.Delta Int.
    And tnx to Gabriel for logging!

  3. Dieter Grundt

    Great. It seems like a wonder but here a dream comes true. vy73 to Gabriel Gomez in Uruguay

    1. Gabriel Gómez

      Gracias por sus palabras.
      En verdad estos sueñoss pueden hacerse realidad.

  4. Estimados amigos del mundo de la radio, debo agradecer el generoso trato que Radio Delta tiene con este oyente de la onda corta.
    Ya son 38 años de girar el duial en búsquedas de señales lejanas o fe difícil sintinia.
    He visto surgir y dejar de emitir emisoras en diversas partes del Mundo.
    Es por ello que le deseo larga vida a Radio Delta.
    Saludos desde la ciudad costera de Montevideo, Uruguay.

  5. Lennart Wennberg

    A happy moment for both R Delta and Mr Gabriel Gomez!
    The background noise level is ridiculously high these days so the solution is to listen outdoors.

    1. Hi Lennart,

      You are right! Take a walk and discover RDI with outdoor listening.



    2. Gabriel Gómez

      Un receptor de radio y el aire libre son la combinación perfecta para un buen momento en compañía de uno mismo.

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