Radio Atlantis was a Belgian-owned offshore pirate radio station, which operated in 1973 and 1974 from the coast of the Netherlands and Belgium. The station began broadcasting from the Radio Caroline Ship MV Mi Amigo. It was originally intended that programs would begin on 15 July 1973, using Mi Amigo’s 10-kilowatt transmitter on 773 kHz (388m). The station was owned by Belgian businessman van Landschoot’s. The station taped programs aimed at Flemish and Dutch audiences. They were recorded in a studio at Oostburg the Netherlands.  

In October 1973, the station’s contract with Radio Caroline was terminated, following the collapse of the mast on Mi Amigo. The station acquired its own ship, naming it after van Landschoot’s wife, the MS Janine. Following three weeks of tests the station recommenced broadcasting on 30 December 1973. Both taped Flemish and mostly live English programmes were broadcast until the station was forced off the air by the Dutch Marine Offences Act. Radio Atlantis closed on the evening of 31 August 1974, the day before the act came into force.

On this page you can find photo’s from our personal collection:

  • The MS Janine
  • The MS Janine in Vlissingen harbour september 1974
  • Studio 2
  • Fred van den Bos (DJ) | van den Bos is weer los
  • Theo van de Velde
  • Luk van Kapellen (DJ) | Luc brengt u van uw stuk
  • Victor van Rein (DJ)
Radio Atlantis DJ
Radio Atlantis pirate radio ship
Radio Atlantis Studio
Radio Atlantis Studio