Remembering the Golden Era of Pirate Radio

In a serendipitous discovery, we stumbled upon a treasure trove of old cassette recordings that harken back to the golden age of radio broadcasting. These recordings date back to the initial broadcasts on January 8th on the 48m shortwave band, a time when the airwaves were alive with the spirit of adventure and rebellion

A Glimpse into History

Join us on a journey through time as we revisit the era when Radio Delta International reigned supreme. Through the “Radio Delta goes DX” program, we delve into the rich tapestry of the past, exploring the legacy of “the big one from Holland” that captured the hearts of listeners far and wide.

Capturing the Essence of an Era

Prepare to be transported back to a time when the airwaves crackled with the energy of Dutch pirates, their voices echoing across the seas. Experience the nostalgia as we play snippets from those bygone days, evoking memories of a time when radio was not just a medium but a way of life.

The Soundtrack of a Generation

Listen closely, and you’ll hear the voices of our beloved DJs, their words tinged with the unmistakable AM sound of yesteryear. And as a tribute to that magical period, the iconic track “Tell me what is your name – Johnny Walker” will echo through the broadcast, a symbol of a time that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Join Us on this Journey

Tune in to Radio Delta International as we embark on this nostalgic voyage through time. Let the warmth of the old recordings envelop you, weaving a tapestry of memories that speak to the soul. Together, let’s relive the magic of a bygone era and celebrate the enduring legacy of Radio Delta International.

Stay tuned for a trip down memory lane with “Radio Delta goes DX” – where the past comes alive through the crackle of old recordings and the echoes of a time long gone.


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