Congratulations to Radio Caroline

Radio Delta extends heartfelt congratulations to Radio Caroline! This weekend marks the 60th anniversary of the iconic offshore radio station that revolutionized broadcasting in 1964. Join the celebration from Friday, 29th to Sunday, 31st March, live from the legendary radioship Ross Revenge. Enjoy a nostalgic journey through hits from the ’60s to the early ’90s. … Read more

Unique photo’s of our private collection: MV Ross Revenge offshore Radio Ship

MV Ross Revenge is the home of Radio Caroline, as well as having supported Radio Monique. She was constructed in Germany in 1960, and initially served as a commercial trawler. Following her decommissioning, she was purchased by Radio Caroline and outfitted as a radio ship, complete with 91 m antenna mast and 50 kW transmitter. Her … Read more

Unique photo’s of our private collection: Radio Atlantis

Radio Atlantis was a Belgian-owned offshore pirate radio station, which operated in 1973 and 1974 from the coast of the Netherlands and Belgium. The station began broadcasting from the Radio Caroline Ship MV Mi Amigo. It was originally intended that programs would begin on 15 July 1973, using Mi Amigo’s 10-kilowatt transmitter on 773 kHz (388m). The … Read more

Unique photo’s of our private collection: Radio ship Magdalena

Since Radio Mi Amigo had closed suddenly in October 1978 the new ship finally appeared on the North Sea anchoring in various locations in mid-June 1979 and finally ending up in a position near the Thornton Bank, off the coast of Belgium.  Test broadcasts of continuous music, with occasional Radio Mi Amigo ID announcements, started … Read more