Radio Reception Adventure in La Palma: A Journey with Ruud Walet

In the fast-evolving digital era, where music streaming services dominate the airwaves, there are still passionate individuals who find joy in the art of radio reception. One such individual is Ruud Walet from Apeldoorn, who embarked on an extraordinary journey during his vacation in La Palma, Spain. Armed with his trusty ATS 20 receiver, Ruud … Read more

Week 4

This weekend, Radio Delta brings you an exciting lineup of programs and developments. Tune in on January 28, 2024, for a day filled with music, stories, and unique listening experiences. Starting at 6:00 UTC, the Finnish Request show will kick off the morning broadcast on the frequency 6.110 kHz. Join us as we showcase the … Read more

Week 50 2023

This is the radio news bulletin for December 16th and 17th, 2023. We are getting closer to our Christmas show on December 25th and 26th. In this show, we will look back on the past year with our listeners at the center. This weekend is dedicated to our Finnish listeners, who are very active and … Read more