New Finnish LPAM station: Radio Piko

FINNLAND: Wir hatten bereits Scandinavian Weekend Radio, das seit mehr als 20 Jahren ein wochenende im monat auf Sendung war. Wir bekommen jetzt eine weitere neue Station auf finnischen Kurzwellen. Sie wird aus Asikkala senden und soll am Samstag, 1. Juni 2024 gestartet werden. Der Sender heißt Radio Piko. Das format wird Big Band musik … Read more

R&S Sk050 with audio processing Orban 9200

In the ever-evolving world of radio broadcasting, 2018 holds a special place in our hearts. It was a time when we, like daring pirates, sailed the airwaves on the 48m band, pushing the boundaries of conventional broadcasting. During those exhilarating days, our arsenal boasted an array of transmitters, each holding a pivotal role in our … Read more

Week 13 with Easter news and photo’s from our listeners

We’re Thrilled by the Wonderful Easter-Themed Photos Sent in by Our Listeners! Here at Radio Delta, we’ve been absolutely delighted by the creative and festive Easter spirit shown by our amazing listeners. The Easter-themed photos that have been pouring in are filled with color, joy, and the essence of the season. From beautiful Easter egg … Read more

A Radio Adventure with William from Rijssen

In het pittoreske stadje Rijssen, gelegen in het oosten van Nederland, woont een bijzondere man genaamd William. Elke week verruilt hij de alledaagse geluiden om zich onder te dompelen in de betoverende wereld van de radio. Met zijn trouwe metgezellen – de middengolf en kortegolf – beleeft hij regelmatig wonderlijke avonturen. Het is een zaterdagavond … Read more

Successful Test of Radio Delta on Shortwave: Reaching Distant Corners of the Globe

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of our recent test transmission on the shortwave frequencies. On August 13th and 14th, 2023, Radio Delta conducted a 24-hour test on the 12.075 kHz frequency in the 25-meter band. The response we received from listeners around the world was overwhelming, with reports coming in from Ukraine, … Read more

Jim from Devon, England, Enjoys Radio Delta on Shortwave

In the world of radio enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of receiving distant stations on the shortwave frequency. On August 19, 2023, Jim, a passionate DXer from Devon, England, had a memorable experience receiving Radio Delta on the frequency 6060 kHz. Let’s dive into his fascinating journey and the beautiful setting in which … Read more

Unexpected Reception of Gabriel Gomez in Uruguay: Shortwave Spans Great Distances

On the eventful day of August 5th, 2023, radio enthusiast Gabriel Gomez (callsign CX7BI-CX0001) from Uruguay experienced a surprising moment in the world of shortwave radio. Despite the physical distance and the inherent challenges of long-distance transmission, he successfully received Radio Delta’s signal on 6060 kHz. This unexpected message serves as a testament to the … Read more

Henk from Dokkum: QSO with Casanova Radio International

Op 22 juli 2023 vond er een interessante gebeurtenis plaats op de kortegolf. Radio Casanova en Radio Delta voerden een QSO (gesprek) met elkaar op een frequentie van 6060 kHz. Dit QSO werd ontvangen op een Kenwood R5000-ontvanger bij een enthousiaste luisteraar genaamd Henk in Dokkum. Het gesprek tussen Radio Casanova en Radio Delta was … Read more

[nordx] Pirate Hunt 2023 results

Here is finally a results for a Pirate Hunt 2023 – DX-Contest! It was a playful competition for the listeners. Results:1. Jouni Kilpinen, Finland 512. Lars Jeppesen, Sweden 503. Klaus Fuchs, Germany 46. 4. Risto Harjula, Finland 445. Mikael Sjöberg, Sweden 396. Kari Kallio, Finland 317. Konstantin Barsenkov, Russia 288. Luis Alejandro, Mexico 269. Pekka … Read more

Redesigned logo Radio Delta

Radio Delta, a Netherlands based shortwave radio station, has revealed its redesigned logo complete with a new slogan, “Keeps the Shortwave Alive”. The new design includes the color orange, referencing the station’s Dutch origins. The logo features a disk jockey alongside a vinyl record. The station hopes the refreshed design will better resonate with its … Read more