The Evolution of Audio Processing with the R&S SK050

On the 18th of May 2019, a remarkable event took place on the 48-meter shortwave band – an illegal broadcast by Radio Delta using the Rohde and Schwarz SK050. This broadcast showcased a fascinating glimpse into the world of software-driven audio processing, featuring the innovative Breakaway technology. The Breakaway software, known for its prowess in … Read more

R&S Sk050 with audio processing Orban 9200

In the ever-evolving world of radio broadcasting, 2018 holds a special place in our hearts. It was a time when we, like daring pirates, sailed the airwaves on the 48m band, pushing the boundaries of conventional broadcasting. During those exhilarating days, our arsenal boasted an array of transmitters, each holding a pivotal role in our … Read more

Redesigned logo Radio Delta

Radio Delta, a Netherlands based shortwave radio station, has revealed its redesigned logo complete with a new slogan, “Keeps the Shortwave Alive”. The new design includes the color orange, referencing the station’s Dutch origins. The logo features a disk jockey alongside a vinyl record. The station hopes the refreshed design will better resonate with its … Read more

Radio Delta Song

On May 2021 Silvia Swart recorded a song for us. This song is recorded in Dutch and the melody is know from Amy Macdonald with the song Mr. Rock ‘n Roll. SWLing Post contributor, Bill Hemphill, who writes: “I ran across a reference to Radio Delta International Shortwave, a Hollands station on 6020 kHz. The … Read more

Belar modulation monitor for on the Shortwave

The Belar AMM-2C Modulation Monitor is a precision, all solid-state AM demodulator designed to measure the modulation characteristics of Radio Delta International. With the self-built coupler, the AM modulation monitor is tuned to 6020 kHz (+/- 20 kHz). The AMM-2C utilizes a unique carrier-referencing system for the peak flasher indications. Peak flasher accuracy, as well as … Read more

Broadcasting on 6020 kHz with the Telefunken S2525/3 transmitter

We used the Telefunken S2525/3 very often on the Shortwave 48m. it’s a great transmitter with a very nice audio quality. This HF broadcast transmitter is fully solid-state up until the final power amplifier. The S2525/3 has the following specifications: 1 Kilowatt continuous output power; solid-state (except final stage YL-1510); covers 1.5 – 30 Mhz, synthesized,10 Hz resolution.

Rohde & Schwarz SK080 powerful AM transmitter on the Shortwave

Rhode & Schwarz SK080 AM broadcast transmitter with classic anode/screen modulation, built in 1959. 100% tube-based, 800 watts RF, sucks 3.4 kVA (one phase!). Radio Delta engineers refurbished this beautiful vintage transmitter. The R&S SK080 has a nice internal modulator with 2 x QB3/300 tubes. The R&S SK080 could modulate around 800 watt nom.

Memories from the 80’s with our good old friend Radio Perlee

During the vibrant era of the eighties, we embarked on numerous broadcast adventures in collaboration with Radio Perlee. Reflecting on that cherished period, we reached out to him to contribute his insights for our audience. Graciously responding to our request, he expressed his nostalgia, “Thank you for your message,” he paused momentarily, reminiscing about frames … Read more

A famous soundtrack of Radio Delta

Remembering the Golden Era of Pirate Radio In a serendipitous discovery, we stumbled upon a treasure trove of old cassette recordings that harken back to the golden age of radio broadcasting. These recordings date back to the initial broadcasts on January 8th on the 48m shortwave band, a time when the airwaves were alive with … Read more