DX show

Radio Delta goes DX show.

Reception with vintage radios

Chris Cullin from North Wales is listening every Sunday to Radio Delta International on 6020 kHz. With different receivers tuning into the shortwave band. Nice to see his experience with those vintage receivers! Thanks for the good job Chris!

Radio Perlee

In the eighties we did many broadcasts together with Radio Perlee. To share information from that period on this website, we asked him to write something for the listeners. “Thanks for your message, I was silent for a moment. You are talking about frames from more than 37 years ago when we did the broadcasts together with Radio Delta International. Your parents …

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Flashback to the 70’s

We have found very nice old cassette recordings from the first broadcasts 8 January on the 48m shortwave band. During the “Radio Delta goes DX” program we will look back with these recordings on the history-rich past of “the big one from Holland” Radio Delta International. You will hear fragments that will remind you of this …

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