Dive into a world of exciting changes at Radio Delta International! This weekend, our broadcasting schedule is set to captivate you. On June 7, we’ll be on air until 21:00 UTC, offering a spectrum of engaging content. While June 8 takes a break, mark your calendars for June 9 as we kick off a thrilling broadcast at 18:00 UTC. Our adjustments aim to harmonize with Scandinavian Weekend Radio, ensuring a seamless listening journey without any interference.

Unveiling Our Digital Oasis

Venture into our all-new interactive website at radiodelta.am, a hub of the latest news and interactive features waiting to be explored. For a visual treat, check out our expanding collection of fresh videos on YouTube. Witness the tales of Radio Monique and the monumental Velsen mast construction challenges overcome—inspiring stories that resonate with every listener.

Tune into Excellence

Discover the magic of our transmission frequencies reimagined for your auditory pleasure. Rediscover the melodic notes on 6.110 kHz this fall and winter. Embrace the dawn of an era with our fresh weekend frequency, 6.170 kHz, delivering a transcendent wave of radio shows starting at 18:00 UTC. Navigate sound waves that transcend continents, from South America to Australia, and immerse yourself in a global musical odyssey.

A Symphony of Programs

Our summer program awaits, promising nights filled with DJ Hitti’s “Pure Dutch,” Aart’s captivating “DX Update,” and Erik’s enchanting “Shortwave Serenade” where your request becomes an instant reality in just 4 minutes. Experience the nostalgia of “5 Decades of Music,” a rhythmic journey interwoven with captivating stories behind iconic tracks.

Experience Musical Timelessness

Embark on a melodic journey through the “5 Decades of Music” as we unfold the narratives behind musical treasures. From the ethereal tunes of The Waterboys to the soul-stirring melodies of Joe Cocker, each track promises a tale that resonates deep within.

Join Us, Your Sonic Odyssey Awaits

Immerse yourself in a realm where music transcends time and boundaries, a realm crafted exclusively by Radio Delta International. Tune in, and let the waves of euphony guide you through a symphony of sounds unlike any other. Your destination? A musical sanctuary where each note is a gateway to a world of sonic enchantment. Get ready to embark on a listening journey that will transport your soul across musical horizons—only on Radio Delta International!


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