A24 frequency news week 13

This weekend, Elburg is brimming with Easter joy! Experience the festive spirit in this charming town. And don’t forget, tune in to Radio Delta on 9530 for great company and music. As we eagerly await the sun in the Netherlands, let’s groove this Easter weekend to the classic tune “Waiting for the Sun” by The Doors. Let the music lift your spirits as we embrace the arrival of brighter days.

This weekend we are back on air. The A24 of the ITU is kicking off this weekend. This also means some changes for Radio Delta, which we will evaluate in the coming period to determine if it will give us the best results. The following changes are planned from March 2024 to October 2024:

  1. The 6.110 will not be used every Sunday during this period; after 9.00 UTC, we notice a significant decrease in reception in Europe. The 6.110 will be active again in the winter.
  2. During the day and evening, you can frequently tune in to a new frequency from us. This is on the 31 meters at frequency 9530 kHz. We are currently testing but expect to broadcast on these frequencies every Sunday.
  3. On Saturdays, you can listen to us on the 25-meter band, on the familiar frequency: 12030 kHz,

Listener’s Corner 

Last week, we received many lovely photos from listeners enjoying their coffee, tea, or water with Radio Delta in the background. It’s great to see all of that, and all the photos have now been posted on the website.

Special Messages Received

  1. Zacharias from Litohorn, Greece: Zacharias shared his experience of receiving our signal in his village using Radio PL330 and a deployed antenna. He avoided QRM and had a good signal, enjoying our show for the first time.

6 thoughts on “A24 frequency news week 13”

  1. Yes, that’s good news with the new frequencies in the 31 m band. In my experience, the 31 m band is often better than the 49 m band at midday and afternoon. I am happy. 73 and best regards, Dieter

  2. William-Rijssen

    Thanks for the info,Aart
    Hope to hear your station on 9MHz.

    1. Ofcourse! We did a lot of tests and it was also in the Netherlands fine…..or there must be poor conditions…

  3. Je heller der Tag, desto höher die Frequenz. Nach dieser Weisheit folge ich Euch auf die neuen Frequenzen und wünsche Euch und allen Hörern “Frohe Ostern” und einwandfreien Empfang!

    1. Das sind die Grundlagen für jeden Radioamateur. Danke für die Info, Dieter.

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